First according to normal method for the text underlined.

that after each input a space before the end, so that you will find underline will automatically extended to Spaces Microsoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

place. Now will underline text except Spaces outside the selected, then open the "form" under the menu "font" the order, will open window switch to "kerning" label, "position" set "ascension", and modify the pounds value, click behind "ok" to quit after, you will find that underline words and the distance between became larger. If not satisfied with the distance between the only need to Office 2010 is powerful!

return redrew ascending pounds value can.

Operation finishes, we only need to will add trailing Spaces of the arbitrary deletion one, then select the Spaces, retain again open "form" menu "font" the order, in "kerning" in the "space" set "contraction, and set a pound is worth, so the space crunch can be hidden. As a primary language Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

teachers, believe that often to his students Chinese writing order. So then the disintegrative down, which in Flash inside operation or more convenient, but will Flash the few, no PowerPoint come after all the convenient. Therefore, we will introduce how to use a Word make Chinese writing order.

We are here to "forever" as an example to introduce the process. First open a document, a new Word and open "nsertion" under the menu "pictures" submenu of "art Word", in the open art dictionaries choose a kind of art Word style, and then click ok "button to open the" edit "art Word" Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

text "window, input will interpret the Chinese characters" forever ", and setting good font, font size, finally click on the "ok" button back Word edit window.

The next Word and then opens the "tools" menu, select "customize" the order, will open a custom window switch to "command" label, on the left side of the "category" select "drawing", on the right "commands" found "decomposition pictures" button will be its drag-and-drop Word toolbar appropriate location. In addition to Word of some use skill you can login to inspect. Office 2007 key is very convenient!

Now we can select insert art words and right-click, in the pop-up menu select the "copy" the order, then open the "edit" menu, select "selective paste" the order, in the open window from "form" drop-down menu select "pictures", and click ok button.



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