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The modern computer "2004 114.pdf published the batch extract, a key fix" penny, after looking, but the author thinks that inspired, the paper introduced method is too complex, actually with Excel formula can still achieve the above effect. Office 2010 is my favorite.


Assuming a Excel work book have N a enterprise basic condition registration form, different worksheet saved each enterprise's respectively, basic data are consistent, work table in the name Sheet1, respectively SheetN Sheet2 until. Figure 1 Sheet1 table to table, from the basic enterprise, Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

we can see that the enterprise name, name of the person in charge and telephone number of data in B2, B4 and scattered G4 cell. How to extract the enterprise name in the table name and contact phone number, the person in charge content such as the content, and will extract made as figure2shows form? Outlook 2010 is powerful.


A, the newly built worksheet

In the workbook insert a new work table, and will this worksheet named "address book", merging A1 - D1 cell, after the merger of the cell input "the city construction enterprise controller contact phone number". Respectively in A2, B2, C2, D2 cell input "serial number", "enterprise name", "charge", "contact phone number" etc fields.

Second, the input formula Microsoft Office is helpful.


In serial number column filled as figure2shows serial number, in B3 cell input formula: "= INDIRECT (" on" & ROW () - 2 & "! $B $2 ") ". The formula by text string INDIRECT function returns specified references. In ROW () returns the number of rows in the cells, "on" & ROW () - 2 & "! $B $2 "to quote cells, this formula for return to Sheet1 table meanings. Cell values of B2 Similarly in C3 and D3 cell input "= INDIRECT respectively (" on" & ROW () - 2 & "! $B $4 ") ", Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

"= INDIRECT (" on" & ROW () - 2 & "! $G $4 ") ". Afore-mentioned formula cell quoted to use absolute reference, otherwise you will lead to wrong results. Formula after completion, selected input A3: D3 cell area, pointing to the mouse cells filled the bottom right hand corner of the D3 handle, will drag down copied to the corresponding formulas data area. So, a delicate form appeared in front of you.


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