‘Scott Pilgrim’ star Michael Cera talks bad singers, fave movie theaters

It takes a lot out of one’s life to be in a rock band, according to Michael Cera. And unfortunately, he just doesn’t have the time to rock out with his movie career in high gear — the Arrested Development alum and Juno star plays the title character of the fantasy/action/date-friendly comic book flick Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, in theaters next Friday. (It’s awesome, trust me on this.) I talked with Cera for a feature in this weekend’s issue, and he told me about the time that, like Scott Pilgrim, he played bass in an iffy Canadian garage band. “The lead singer was just terrible. I couldn’t stand him,” Cera says. “He would go off and sit in the corner for a half hour and write lyrics, and would yell at us for being too loud and distracting him. He’s carving out these lyrics in such a craftsman-like way, so caring about each thing, and then he would sing it and we wouldn’t understand a word he was saying because he was just screaming at the top of his lungs. I don’t think he ever let us read them. I never really found out what he was saying. It wasn’t a huge curiosity of mine.” He’s focusing more on making movies than music, and he’s a true cineaste, catching films in L.A. at his favorite haunts, including the New Beverly, the Silent Movie Theatre, the Egyptian Theatre and the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. He’s got a fairly sizable home video collection, but for Cera, there’s definitely something special about seeing a film on the big screen. “If there’s an option to see a movie with an audience, it’s always better, I think,” Cera reasons. “They just played Raging Bull at the Egyptian a little while ago and I had never seen that with an audience, and it was incredible. And when you’re at home, you have the option to pause it and move around and stuff. A theater makes you get lost in the movie and forget about everything else.” Check out a clip from Scott Pilgrim below featuring Cera as Scott Pilgrim, Scott’s love interest Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Roxy Richter (Mae Whitman), one of Ramona’s seven evil exes.

Sure, he beat up people for 15 years as a professional wrestler, and come next Friday he can be seen throwing down with Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables, but Steve Austin (pictured, right, with Eric Roberts) is a caring sort of guy who loves his dogs: a female chocolate lab named Hershey, a female black lab Shona, and Brio, a male lab mix. And he felt bad he couldn’t take them along with him when he filmed The Expendables in the sightseeing-friendly locales of Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans. “Hershey didn’t get a chance to come. I’m telling you, the next time I go to Louisiana to shoot a movie, I’m taking her,” says the man formerly known as “Stone Cold.” He may not be showing up weekly on TV as a World Wrestling Entertainment superstar anymore, but Austin is staying busy with his acting — he’s currently filming the drama The Boxer and the Kid, as well as stopping by the set of NBC’s Chuck to shoot an episode next week (to air Oct. 4) — and entertaining thousands of his fans via his lively Twitter feed. I caught up with Austin for an item on this week’s Who’s News page, but read below for more from our conversation and check out this behind-the-scenes video featuring the Expendables fight between Austin and Stallone.

The Expendables took you to some interesting places. Do you still enjoy traveling in your post-wrestling career?

The traveling these days, it is what it is to get to a job. Back in the day, when I wrestled professionally for 15 years, my life was on the road and I lived out of a suitcase. Even when I came home, I would open my suitcase, lay it on the floor and would basically live out of that and wear the same stuff over and over again. I’d wash it and put it back there because there was never any sense in unpacking. You always were on the road. Now, I don’t go on vacation to any crazy destination. I want to go to South Texas to my ranch. I don’t really look forward to traveling anymore just for pleasure. As long as it’s for business, I’m cool with doing it because it goes with the territory. But I don’t travel for leisure at all, just because I spent my life doing that.

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