Of The Nature of Things(32)

Nor can those motions that bring death prevailForever, nor eternally entombThe welfare of the world; nor, further, canThose motions that give birth to things and growthKeep them forever Office 2010 is powerful!

when created there.Thus the long war, from everlasting waged,With equal strife among the elementsGoes on and on. Now here, now there, prevailThe vital forces of the world- or fall.Mixed with the funeral is the wildered wailOf infants coming to the shores of light:No night a day, no Office 2007 is so powerful.

dawn a night hath followedThat heard not, mingling with the small birth-cries,The wild laments, companions old of deathAnd the black rites.                     Microsoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

   This, too, in these affairs'Tis fit thou hold well sealed, and keep consignedWith no forgetting brain: nothing there isWhose nature is apparent out of handThat of one kind of elements consists-Nothing there is that's not of mixed seed.And whatsoe'er possesses in itselfMore largely many powers and propertiesShows thus that here within itself there areThe largest number of kinds and differing shapesOf elements. And, chief of all, the earthHath in herself first bodies Microsoft Office is my best friend.

whence the springs,Rolling chill waters, renew forevermoreThe unmeasured main; hath whence the fires arise-For burns in many a spot her flamed crust,Whilst the impetuous Aetna raves Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

indeedFrom more profounder fires- and she, again,Hath in herself the seed whence she can raiseThe shining grains and gladsome trees for men;Whence, also, rivers, fronds, and gladsome pasturesCan she supply for mountain-roaming beasts.Wherefore great mother of gods, and mother of beasts,And parent of man hath she alone been named.  Her hymned the old and learned bards of Greece       .     .     .     .     .     .

Seated in chariot o'er the realms of airTo drive her team of lions, teaching thusThat the great Office 2007 key is very convenient!

earth hangs poised and cannot lieResting on other earth. Unto her carThey've yoked the wild beasts, since a progeny,However savage, must be tamed and chidBy care of parents. They have Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

girt aboutWith turret-crown the summit of her head,Since, fortressed in her goodly strongholdsWindows 7 is inexpensive and helpful.

 high,'Tis she sustains the cities; now, adornedWith that same token, to-day is carried forth,With solemn awe through many a mighty land,The image of that mother, the divine.Her the wide Office 2007 download is helpful!

nations, after antique rite,Do name Idaean Mother, giving herEscort of Phrygian bands, since first, they say,From out those regions 'twas that grain beganThrough all the world. To her do they assignThe Galli, the emasculate, since thusThey wish to show that men who violateThe majesty of outlook 2010 is powerful.

the mother and have provedIngrate to parents are to be adjudgedUnfit to give unto the shores of lightA living progeny. Microsoft outlook is convenient!

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