An Unsettling State

The real point of all this is that Pakistan's politics has little history of peaceful democracy, and Benazir Bhutto surely knows this. To

state that "...democracy can save Pakistan from the politics of extremism preached by warlords" as she did in a recent column (Financial Microsoft Office is so great!

Times, Oct. 22, 2007) is political tautology. It may be a self-validating statement pleasing to unsophisticated masses, but hardly worthy of outlook 2010 is great !

a Harvard graduate with a cum laude degree in comparative government.

Interesting enough, though, the combination of Bhutto and Musharraf as the "good cop, bad cop" prime minister and president in Pakistan could Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

provide a strong front against radical Islamic influence domestically. Benazir's claims to democratic leadership notwithstanding, the fact is

that she maintains a powerful political base on which she can always count in her family's home province of Sindh.Office 2010 is my love.

Musharraf may be a muhajir -- one who immigrated from India after the 1947 partition and not actually born in Pakistan -- but he does have

his military and intelligence base and a conspicuous ability to negotiate the complex political trails Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

of Islamabad's politics. In spite of

at least four assassination attempts against him, the general/president has shown an ability to survive and continue to manipulate.

These factors may look good on paper and justify Benazir Bhutto's belief she can return to a Microsoft Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

leadership role, but it doesn't cast any light

on why she would want to do so. The only logical explanation is that Benazir Bhutto, aka Queen Benazir as her detractors call her, is

literally driven by a need to clear her and her family's name by once again assuming power in her homeland.Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

Her friends say that she is a careful and analytical person, but willful in matters important to her. Her courage cannot be doubted. That may

be so, and these may be characteristics acceptable in business and even in politics in normal adobe Acrobat

Western democracies, but in Pakistan there is a

high potential that these traits can result in death long before one's time.

It is fallacious in an endemically volatile society such as Pakistan to believe that "moderation and democracy," two words Benazir Bhutto

likes to use and may even believe in, will be an effective countervailing influence against Acrobat 9

organized corruption and power-driven actions of

entrenched political forces. Perhaps that's where her new best friend, the tough Pervez Musharraf, comes in.project 2010

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