Marcus ask: Why do you use a Windows PC?

I heard that different people give different reasons. It is the selection of hardware and the program? Or is "bang", do you? How to operate, or in a familiar road? I'd like to hear your reasons. Please leave a comment below or do a blog comment link to your articles.

Look at the following responseMicrosoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

My reasons.

This is a big problem. I have been in the use of computers, what they are after middle is 90, my first touch and continue to use, until this day. Windows 95 is what we use of high school, learn how to operate the computer. Basically, I live in a country, mostly "I learned computer. We have Office 2010 is powerful!

work to do, we use Windows with friends using Windows PC, we help with friends and they seem to PC Windows to do the work.

Use a window, for my personal computer application or beyond the hardware. This is a window Office 2007 is so powerful.

and function. It is very logical experience. You just to how it works, you can share knowledge also use Windows based system. Many other factors also helps my unique to use Windows PCS, Office 2007 Professional is very good!

community, testing (the ability to help shape product use), use cool applications and services of sharing and window necessaries of life, are free of charge.Many people use Microsoft Office 2007 to help their work and life.

In the past few months, I have given WolframAlpha a difficult time. I really think this service is pretty good, but I think they completely. They own calculation engine is trying to let users pay $50 Office 2010 is my love.

information can get free online. Of course, there's something to be said for a iPhone - tailored experience, but just ridiculous $50. Now, and guess who agree? WolframAlpha.Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

Service has cut - I say is the price cut from $49.99 all the way down to $199. Yes, they have Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

broken it 480. It is a 96% of depreciate. Not just - they offer returns price difference, who made the absurdity of the price paid applications.Microsoft Office is inexpensive and helpful.

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