What Vista can learn from Leopard

"Apple computer allow developers to know this week, and next sx, leopard, should spring version by next spring store shelves. It will also have characteristics of the veil of operating system, but plans to keep some details.Microsoft outlook is great!

Part of the secret is to prevent copying Microsoft chief executive, Steve jobs apple ideas suggested. "We don’t want our friends began their copier no sooner than them," he said.

Read thisMicrosoft Office 2010 is so great!

All comments, except one by one window enthusiast, everyone is Mclaws is beautiful, Robert deep impression, leopards apple operating system are worried about the time Microsoft has fallen Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

batton and scene.

McLaws Robert.

I still think how can that Microsoft "apple" breath of the copycat funds (who steal the source code is copy it, anyway? And then, in the future, introducing time machine (a rip-off version of Windows, features from the Windows server 2003). Don’t call it "street 2.0" means they will duplicate Vista 1.0?Microsoft Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

However, this does not make me feel surprised, they can get their jokes, they couldn’t even copying Windows correctly. Mark

What I can say is, nothing new OS X, then, I can’t. May I have the computer chips and media center. I can help me on the same machine (Mac) do not watch TV, digital cable record my head (Mac) will have. You don’t need to go to some basic functions of office, such as spam protection and schedule. So I put all the features and more, but smug opinionated pseudo - intellectual Mac bolts.I love Office 2010 !

You also want is what time?

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Actually this shadow copies have XP in service, since 2001, inspection service management tools storage in control panel. Yes, I admit, is my time machine characteristics, and so I’m leopards, Robert, don’t see the point, which is to say, we have apple from you, we will do more than what you do. Time machine to make 3d environment, Microsoft did not see, apple execution system Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

restore, backup center, shadow service mode, copy, but in fact now open, they will be the three characteristics into a program that apple winner of usability.

As to PDA, it has not been sent off, my people, and I don’t see that, although it is associated with a will only be reasonable, in order to have the technical, if I buy the final version of the scene, so I can use it to all the features. Analysts predict Tablet PC is not take off until 2009, the last time I checked, it launched in 2006, Microsoft’s technology in 2002, originally started with Windows is a failure in history, lets hope that won’t repeat itself. For the media center front, as an early version 1.0, 2002 and 2004, when they had to market share, we haven’t seen the leopard version, so you can’t come to a conclusion. Look, whatever music store for iTunes Microsofts Windows media player, the ecosystem, it certainly didn’t create market share, and the iPod to Microsoft and Zune iTunes from scratch.Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

As before, if I need a characteristic, can I installed Windows XP and boot camp, I want to play a game and guidance. Yes, unconformity with apple operating system, not only because the Mac OS Microsoft products.

You don’t need to go to some basic functions of office, such as spam protection and schedule. So I put all the features and more, but smug opinionated pseudo - intellectual Mac bolts.

I don’t understand this, doors, Windows, don’t bundle of office software, productivity software I realize is E-mail and calendar. I think we should support the competition between the jihad, t-mac and Windows users, I would describe as so about 2000. I have nothing against it, but I feel compare apple operating system is not an easy thing to have different platforms, regardless of the similarities apparant characteristics.

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