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Ten years ago, namely in 2001, apple made four an investment, the achievement of today's success in apple. The four investment in the iPhone

Apple's iPad and before in hard times to make. In the Internet bubble soon spread the technology market, the U.S. economy is decline, then apple stock plummeted. Thursday, 343.72 dollars in apple stock opened. Based on Tuesday closing price, apple 3172.1 billion market value up. And 10 years ago, apple stock is insufficient still 10 dollars.

The four investment were: Many people like Microsoft Office.

1. January 2001, apple music player launch iTunes.

2. In March 2001, apple released Mac OS X 10.0 (September release Mac OS X 10.1).

3. In May 2001, apple to open two home stores. Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.   

4. In October 2001, apple released first iPod player.

At the time, iTunes, Mac OS X, boutique and iPod seems unimportant product, but it subsequently be apple's four pillars of the apple brand, business from fuzzy become clear impression. 2001 haven't like such active blog atmosphere today, although many science news media reported the release of these products, but sceptical quite a lot, almost not many people can realize the potential of the four product. Office 2007 makes life great!

January 2001, apple for Macintosh launched iTunes player. Facing Windows Media Player and RealPlayer competition, many experts skeptical of iTunes. But iTunes music store gradually turned, and later began support video and application. More importantly, iTunes has become apple all content synchronization engine. Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

In March 2001, apple introduced a Mac OS X. Later, apple Mac OS X developed according to apple iOS, now has become the most important of the operating system. In the first quarter of Windows 7 make life wonderful!

fiscal 2011, iOS product revenue total revenue accounted for apple 65%.

In May 2001, apple opened its first store. Make most analysts don't understand is, in the Gateway decided to quit retail market, but apple chose to enter. But the fact proof, apple store is apple display brand, cultivating Mac community site.

In October 2001, apple 5GB iPod, make apple launched surprise fans, but did not greatly entered the mainstream market. Until 2004 iPod mini and 2005 iPod nano listed, iPod will be officially fashionable. Later, apple has opened more stores, strengthened the channels for the iPhone and iPad later lay the foundation of success. Office 2007 download is helpful!

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