As a result of theseMicrosoft Office 2010

 two operating systems provide the support of more than 137GB hard drive, so that we can use them for big CDS of disk partition. Method is to use installation cd-rom start computer hard drive Office 2007 makes life great!

after the break a district will install Windows 2000 / XP operating system, then enter the system first after hit a patch. Using the system after the disk management tool to bring the rest part not partition division. Many people like Microsoft Office.


The operating system for zoning requirements

Windows 98 1997/98 SE/Me since disk management of hard disk limit, the capacity of the 64GB, so restricted only to disk partition, either multiple partition or single partition its hard drive capacity 64GB combined should not exceed. For more than 64GB capacity outside of the partition can convert NTFS format to solve. Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.


Microsoft technical document also mentions the Windows 2000 for zoning requirements. Although Windows 2000 can backward compatibility, and identify FAT32 format support the capacity of 2000T FAT32 format disk, but Windows 2000 couldn't provide more than 30GB capacity to support. Division FAT32 format As long as partition, and for more than 30GB capacity, I love Office 2010 !

whether the partition FAT32 format is disk C or other partitions, Windows 2000 are unable to identify excess capacity. The partition recognition for NTFS format, Windows 2000 does not exist problems. It is in a category need attention!!

Need to remind everybody is, for the Windows 2000 / XP CD as partition tools for more than Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

137GB disk partition, when operating system reinstall system crumbled after the installation patch never before in the final visit dish the operator row zoning, otherwise is caused extremely easily data loss or partition table errors. Windows 7 make life wonderful!

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