April 8, 2007, in Office 2010

view of the world of warcraft game appearing in men and cash buying and selling virtual currency phenomenon, the ninth city (enterprise library BBS) released today, from the announcement to say Microsoft Office 2007 give you a better life.

to April 15 of gold coin business men gamers who give "permanent freeze" punishment.

According to understand, from feb. 21 to March 5, he sent three successively the9 warning announcement, use of times world of warcraft loophole players take temporary freeze on March 5, saying the use of a loophole continues will be permanent freezing.

The following text: for the announcement Office 2007 is also the best office suite.


The ninth city "world of warcraft" operation team on the "aggravated hack gold coin business behavior" announcement

The ninth city has been committed to maintain a balanced, stable and the fair game environment, in violation of the game related management rules individual and group gives the severest punishment: permanent freezing. Microsoft Office 2010 makes work easier.


As world of warcraft users increasingly, the ninth city through detailed and strict survey found that the relevant groups' through illegal means to gain games virtual currency and adopt the behavior Microsoft Office is very helpful for us.

of profit 'sales pattern, intensified. They are more rampant hand to be sin the safety awareness of Office 2010 is best for all office users.

users, cause relatively weak these users suffer a great loss.


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