one-night stands, actual have Office 2007

 not many wives." man He thinks, most Chinese men should be in a long time, people solve one-night stand on the aim of "have X make", not always focus on "good save jammed son". " Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.


Article 8: "the people's public servant" LiRunShan

LiRunShan spotted:

Identity: JiShan county wei secretary

Background: in late March 2006, Shanxi Province FaGongWei director JiShanXian NPC QinYu, retired cadres south Yang NongJiJu chief XueZhiJing back and glory, and counties, Office 2010 is my favorite.

leadership and department heads to send JiShan county wei secretary, anonymous LiRunShan report. Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

Ten days later, Yang QinYu, south to honor for suspected libel XueZhiJing custody, was arrested in taiyuan in escaping. Secretary li convenes "JiShanXian all cadres warning education conference", and magnanimity to court "dozen hello", and suggest to three sets (imprisonment year, probation for three years). On April 25, 2007, LiRunShan was JiShanXian National People's Congress awarded "the people's public servant" honorary title. Microsoft Office is helpful.


Funny degree: 60 no tooth degree: nine sensation degree: 6

Comprehensive pointrating: 324

Comments on: PengShuiXian leadership by the silence after reading, secretary li invincible!

Refer to the 2006 China joke daqo "the thirteen.

Article 7: paint make afforestation Outlook 2010 is powerful.


FuMinXian play: kunming

Background: on February 13, 2007, media reports "FuMinXian barren hill with paint to" green ". Originally FuMinXian have an abandoned quarry, the local people repeatedly to relevant

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