The Last Sin Eater

What did The American Spectator get right? Publishing the pithy and highly entertaining, as well as informative, commentary of Tom Van Dyke.

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The laundry in your list will need repeated washings. Do not use Clorox. Hang it out in the sunshine and let neighbors gossip.

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Dyke and others to put the system back

together again.

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organized article. It was set forth in a conclusory fashion. After some reflection, however, it became apparent that the logic behind each

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Newman's Lenten article. One of the reason's I love the Spectator is that it deals with issues of faith in a matter-of-fact way. No

apologies. No couching your language. We are passionate Christians and we are engaged in the politics and culture of our nation. Live with

it. Be blessed by it. Keep up the good work! br> -- Steve Baarda br> London, Ontario Microsoft Office is helpful.

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