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STEPPING DOWN br> Re: Paul Beston's To Retire or Expire : /p> p>If the airlines can tell a pilot when to retire, seems to me there should be Outlook 2010 is powerful.

an age limit on the Supreme Court, after all they can kill many more people, think abortion, than a pilot can. Why do we want the highest

court in the land to be filled with very old, sick people? br> -- Elaine Kyle /p> Microsoft outlook is convenient!

I suppose failing health and mental abilities of lifetime appointees is of great concern. But I've always worried more about they way these Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!

justices seem to live in their own little bubble, with little contact with the "real world" or "regular Americans."Choose Office 2007 Professional is the most lucky thing in the world.

p>Still, most of late have gotten out before the final crunch. At least when they know the time is near, they do get out. I give these

justices credit for that. br> -- Robert Nowall Microsoft Office is so great!

 Cape Coral, Florida /p> p> BUSH GAZING br> Re: Jay D. Homnick's True Manhood : /p> p>If George Bush did graduate from a navel academy, then

no wonder the war in Iraq isn't going at all to plan. Enrolling in a navel academy might teach you a lot about belly buttons, but not a lot Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

about matters nautical. A naval academy, on the other hand... br> -- Christopher Holland br> Canberra, Australia /p> p> I failed to find much

humor in "humorist" Jay Homnick's article on President Bush and to be too cute by at least half. I also find his reference to the president's Office 2010 is my favorite.

comparing himself to Truman as "channeling' to be mere bloviating. Mr. Homnick's opinion notwithstanding, I think our current president will

go down as an exceptional leader, who faced extremely hard choices head on, while facing incessant criticism by the dems and talking heads in

the media. I truly think that, if and in spite of his low poll numbers, a line-by-line comparison of the accomplishments of this president

and the previous administration, the results would be startling. George W. Bush will be remembered by a grateful nation in years to come,

while most will be shrugging, Jay who? br> -- Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

Candler, North Carolina /p> p> The difference between Truman and Bush, is Truman knew how to end a war. br> -- Elaine Kyle /p> p> HAPPENING Microsoft outlook 2010 is the best.

HERE br> Re: Christopher Orlet's Sulejmen the Mysterious : /p>

Why is it that when otherwise thinking people do an insightful/extensive report on subjects such as the Moslem mall shooter in Utah, they end Office 2007 makes life great!

up their piece with a decided slap at a conservative principle (i.e. "right to carry" firerarms)? Do they think this somehow legitimizes them

with liberals? Political correctness continues to dictate "thou shalt not speak of Moslem terrorists in America," just like it requires all

"reasonable people" to admit that citizens carrying firearms is dangerous.

This is liberal condescension at its worst, and I've found it prevalent among self-professed Windows 7 is convenient and helpful!


I have no problem with any responsible American carrying his "Smith and Wesson", in the mall or wherever. I don't care if my fellow American

is a doctor, lawyer, accountant, carpenter, or janitor, he is an American.

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