Huckabee for President Responds

Finally, one more note: Calling him "The Huckster" in a hatchet job like this shows disrespect, not only to the Governor himself, but to the Office 2007 key is available here.

office he held for 10 1/2 years.

Governor Mike Huckabee has shown leadership, compassion and strength in tough times. In this important presidential election cycle, the facts

are what matter to the American people.By using Office 2010 Professional, you can save your money and time.

p>Sincerely, br> -- John "Chip" Saltsman br> National Campaign Manager br> Huckabee for President /p> p> Quin Hillyer replies: br> I stand by Office 2007 download is on sale now!

everything in my column except for one single word, which was a self-editing error. When I double-checked the record of the release of rapist Microsoft outlook is great!

Wayne Dumond, I discovered that he had not actually been pardoned. That's why I re-worded the key sentence thusly: "Huckabee helped secure

the release of already-well-known-rapist Wayne Dumond." Unfortunately, when I corrected the original sentence to the accurate wording above, I love Office 2010 !

I forgot to take out a reference earlier in the paragraph to "one of his pardons." But the fact remains that Huckabee agitated for the

vicious rapist's release. To show how involved Huckabee was in Dumond's release, I refer readers to this award-winning news article ; and I

am willing to let the readers be the judge.

Other than that, I find it interesting that the letter from the Huckabee campaign doesn't actually accuse me of mis-stating facts, but Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

instead finds ways to change the subject. The fact remains that the Ethics Committee did indeed reprimand Huckabee on five separate counts.

And for all the other allegations, I provided links to original source material. As for his fiscal record, I think the conservative Club for adobe Acrobat

Growth's reports critical of Huckabee speak for themselves.

One other note: I fully admit I did not call Huckabee's campaign for a response, and for good reason: For some of the allegations, I was

there covering Arkansas politics myself as an editorial writer for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Acrobat 9

-- a conservative editorial page that was

sympathetic to many of Huckabee's stated goals -- and so I saw the governor's failed responses or non-responses myself when they happened.

There was no need for me to plow the same ground I already plowed once. I have since followed the other imbroglios from afar; and the news

stories on which they are based, done by reporters whom I trust, are full of the governor's thoroughly unconvincing explanations. Again, I

provided the links so readers can decide for themselves.

p> BAYOU NORTH br> Re: Quin Hillyer's A Tale of Two Candidates : /p>

Why are we just now hearing about these transgressions? Looks like Mr. Hillyer performed a huge Outlook 2010 is convenient!

public service here. What is the status of

the RNC's vetting process? Oh, that's right -- Mr. Martinez is in charge...oops, he just resigned.

I imagine lots of folks will view this column as a major hit piece. But before pulling out their fillet knives, they should research the

previous columns Mr. Hillyer has written since the time this current election cycle started. He is definitely an equal-opportunity offender.

p>Why does Arkansas insist on taking a synonymous, or parallel, path with that other bastion of ethical attitudes -- Louisiana? After a

while, the names of Long and Clinton and now, Huck, seem to blur together. Is there hope in Hope? br> -- Owen H. Carneal br> Yorktown, Windows 7 is inexpensive and helpful.


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