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But then the fascist may be going the way of the Nazi who, as we noted in this space in connection with Prince Harry's fancy dress costume,

has become a comic bogeyman, a painted devil got up to look ridiculous just to show, perhaps, Many people like Microsoft Office.

that we're not afraid of him anymore. That's

why we don't blink at what would otherwise be the grotesque disproportion implied in the use of a term like "Soup Nazi" on Seinfeld." And the

same thing is now happening to "fascist." I notice, for instance, that Jemima Lewis in the London Sunday Telegraph describes New York as

"probably the most body-fascist city on earth." Those who use the word -- I would say misuse the Office 2007 makes life great!

word -- to describe their political

opponents are often the same people who applaud the efforts of Michael Moore and others to make the wicked and/or stupid men and women of the

Bush administration into figures of fun. Which is more insulting, to call a man a fascist or a Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

buffoon? Or are the two, perhaps, the same


Of the epithet "fascist," at least, the recipient might reply as Leontes does in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale to the imputation of


p> em>Were I a tyrant, br> Where were her life? She durst not call me so br> If she did know me one. /em> /p> The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

The same paradox is implicit in the easy charge of "fascism" or "Nazism." Those who make it must do so just because they know it isn't true.

Years back, I could have told the Board of Overseers at Harvard that Lawrence Summers was a Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

big mouth. I noticed it, and wrote about it, back

in 1997 when Summers was Deputy Treasury Secretary in the Clinton administration.

The issue at the time was the "death tax," the 55 percent federal estate tax that represented a major obstacle to the survival of small

businesses and family farms when they were being passed from one generation to the next. It's hard to keep the plows going when the project 2010 is amazing

government shows up at the funeral and wants half the farm.

Throwing his two cents into the debate, Summers, formerly a Harvard economics professor, declared, "When it comes to cutting the estate tax,

there is no case other than selfishness."

The response was immediate and furious. "It's pure ignorance," said Dan Danner, vice president of Acrobat 9 is good

the National Federation of Independent

Business, the nation's largest organization of small business owners. "It's pretty horrible to imply that small business people who just want

to pass their businesses to their children are greedy."

Asked Pat Buchanan: "Who the devil is being greedy here? Who is being selfish? The couple that worked and saved a lifetime, or the

politicians who did nothing to create the estate but seize half of it at death? The estate tax is the product of men with the mindset of microsoft visio 2010

grave robbers."

And from Rep. John Boehner, chairman of the House Republican Conference at the time: "Summers' comment captures perfectly the arrogance of

the liberal elite who believe that government has some right to redistribute the fruits of a life's work."

More than arrogant and elitist, Summers' statement was dumb, economically, especially coming visio 2010

from someone who taught economics at Harvard.

Small businesses create the bulk of the new jobs in the American economy. That was true in 1997 and it's true today, and it shouldn't take a

Ph.D. in economics to understand that you don't help workers by cutting businesses in half just because someone dies.Windows 7 is convenient!

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