Career Outlook for CS Students

This CACM website has an interesting interviews, Joe Adams (Joel Adams discussion career prospects CS) Joel

Adams was summarized in the market report computer career employment data and prediction of Office 2007 makes life great!

the source

That is an optimistic vacancy. Unfortunately the number of people who are prepared and career is not attack

Projected to meet demand. This is a question that the company needs to these people, but this is an opportunityMany people like Microsoft Office.

Students and education plans for the future can make their career. In the interview includes discussion

In the work of the topic prediction.

For example, the deal with my blog again where the interesting discussion CS geek "words like"Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

And a "nerd" came up in the comments.

Say to the "nerd/weirdo" stereotypes, some people, such as David, a psychology professor at the university of Anderegg bennington winWindows 7 make life wonderful!

College, suggesting a "freak" and a "nerd" shall be prohibited. What is your opinion?

I agree with the stereotype is destructive, but I don't agree to terms shall be prohibited. I believe that is responsible for freedom

Speech, usually don't like strategy, and introduces "derogatory terms banned political right" (PC) alternatives. this

The PC, and eventually become substitutes derogatory cycle to begin.Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.       

So I want a better strategy is to admit some annoying/small computer scientists, but not let them become

For our hands discipline. We need to find a way to use the power of mass media, in order to create a more positive

Computer scientists "association in people's hearts.

I highly recommend the interview. Many things can make you think of computer scienceOffice 2007 download is helpful!

Outside the United States.

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