Do we have to make computer science cool again?

I have been told, the former ISTE conference (back) has a large NECC says the computer science

Education content. It is in my time, but as long as there is some good CS content you have to go for it. so

I tried to start a conversation about this conversation (on) twitter, something like this song.Microsoft Office is so great!

AlfredTwo @ (which I how can gain more computer science ISTE? People tell me, had an

It has many

KenRoyal @ from school administrators (Ken royal royal treatment educator and we must make computer science


AlfredTwo @ when it stops cool? Children need to display the cool.Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

@ ximplosionx (high school) alfredtwo @ notoriety words programmers and began to geek. Should be

A good beginning

As you can see, I'm a computer science, is always a snap "cool", and always will be cool. It is

Do not deny truly from where I sit a little reflection Suggestions that not everyone can see my way. Almost everyone can do.

To my study computer science and programming is a life experience. This is I still cool. But in

The real world, not too much.

My young friend that stigma programmers and geek. Computer scientists in the image

No, the most exciting career or the people in the world. Yes, this is a crazy world, we live in. Later, in

Big Internet companies prosperity is cool is a computer scientist. Company was bribed to students from colleges and creation

The next big web applications. Great wealth. Alas, this cold, we did notOffice 2007 is so powerful.

Dilbert a stereotype. This is not good.

But how do we make computer science appears cool (?). How do we convince young people, computer science is a kind of life

To change the world, even change of career? I and the student. I really try ascending field, and I give you

People do something really cool, make different environments, in medicine, agriculture, and the The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.


Fields. I tried. But these people make the difference lasting shooting? Research shows that, not very often. A: oh,

Students can inspire, but you're lucky, if happened. The odds are not good.

We need more shooting. Again and again we must tell students that have cool things can be done

Computer science. We need to give their people. We need them to understand this is not all the compartment

Never talk, in fact, the opposite is true. Question is how? I struggle. any

Any Suggestions?Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!

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